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Artemis Potamianou

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Artemis Potamianou

The Unknown masterpiece 25/8-3/9 

Vernissage Fredagen 25 Aug kl 18-20

Öppettider Tor-Fre stängt, Lör-Sön 12-16

This series of works The Unknown masterpiece refers to and originates from the book of the same name, Honoré de Balzac’s The Unknown Masterpiece (1831). The book describes an encounter between fictional characters – artists, Frenhofer and Porbus (based on real-life court painter Franz Pourbus) and real life, Nicolas Poussin. Poussin visits distinguished painter, Porbus in his studio and is admitted by painter, Frenhofer. In his quest for absolute beauty, the old painter, Frenhofer, attempts to create the absolute masterpiece and goes on “improving” his painting for ten years, ending up to an illegible composition thus destroying his life’s work.

The two central characters of the story, the great maître Frenhofer and the young artist Poussin, were the inspiration and reference of many essays on art and the role of the artist Frenhofer’s utter devotion to his art inspired Cezanne, Picasso, Rilke and many other artists. Paul Cézanne particularly strongly identified with him, once saying ”Frenhofer, c’est moi” (I am Frenhofer). The book fascinated Picasso enough for him to undertake its illustration in 1921. Indeed, he identified with Frenhofer to such an extent that he moved to the rue des Grands-Augustins in Paris, where Porbus’s studio was placed. It was here that Picasso painted Guernica.

In the encounters between Frenhofer and Poussin however, there is another important character, the lover of Poussin – Gillette. She was the muse and the exchange ”object” between the two artists, a tragic figure determined by the decisions and choices of the men of the story.

In my series of works The Unknown masterpiece, famous portraits of women, having earned a place in the history of art for their virtuosity in painting, are deconstructed and offer an initial “canvas” that is reconverted and recreated by pieces of portraits of famous men. It constitutes a sharp comment on the position of women in society and the ”male” roles they have to adopt. The picture created in the end is a nightmare image, a “hermaphrodite”, a “Frankenstein” monster composed by “perfect” integral parts.

Sofie Grevelius

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Sofie Grevelius

ID:I Gallery 170810-170818

Private view Thursday 10 august 18 – 20

(thurs-fri: 12-18, sat-sun: 12-16)

A REST revolves around a choreography of isolation.

It refers to the Swedish word ’rest’ meaning residue or paraphernalia. 

It refers to resting, and to an involuntary stop – an arrest. 

Sofie creates a world of signs, symbols and objects that appear familiar but are not quite what they seem. She finds her inspiration in the many shapes, forms and colours that animate and demarcate our built environment, from road markings and signage to physical fixtures such as railings and doors. By a process of subtle modification, she turns these everyday reference points into something altogether more elusive and perplexing. Her colourful prints and three-dimensional objects remind us of everyday urban experience, but also hint at the complex inter-relationship between autonomy, dependency and control. 

Grevelius did her BA at Central St Martins and graduated with an MA in Fine Art from the Royal College of Art in 2012. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden.


Ella Tahkolahti Hanna Marno

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Ella Tahkolahti

Hanna Marno

Visiting hours Sat – Sun 8.-9.7 at 12 to 4 PM

Opening reception on Friday 7.7. at 6 to 8 PM, warmly Welcome!

Grey Heron is a collaborative installation between Hanna Marno and Ella Tahkolahti of the Oksasenkatu 11 gallery. It is the first part of a gallery swap between ID:I galleri Stockholm and Oksasenkatu 11 Helsinki.

Grey Heron is a site-specific installation built for ID:I gallery that is a staged replication of the street view of Tjärhovsgatan. The taxidermic heron in the window of Öppet becomes a patient witness and a motive. In Egyptian mythology the Fenix bird is represented as a Grey Heron.

Having that there is no knowledge of the reality that lies within the facade of Tjärhovsgatan, we decided to provide an alternative interior from the perspective of the Grey Heron.

Ella Tahkolahti (born 1981 in Espoo) is a visual artist who works with installation and performance. Her main interest is in the relation of reality and image, the dynamics between spectator and the space, or the “non existing” artwork that only occurs in the encounter with the piece.

Graduated from the Time & Space departement of  Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2010. Member of Oksasenkatu 11 collective since 2014.

Hanna Marno b.1981 is a Helsinki based artist who lives and works in Nummi-Pusula. Her work consists of fictional narratives, translation and manuscripts. She works with sculpture, poetry, still and moving images. She’s a member of the Oksasenkatu 11 gallery – artist collective since 2013.

Concurrently she’s working on a street art project Horse Poem No. 1-23.



Thank You ID:i gallery, Dan Lageryd and Alex Mood, Nordisk Kulturkontakt, Svenska Kulturfonden and Finska Kulturfonden

Noak Lönn Akitaka Kamijo

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Noak Lönn

Akitaka Kamijo

Sample Sets

Välkommen på vernissage fredag 12/5


Öppettider: Tor-Fre: 12-18. Lör-Sön: 12-16

Utställningen pågår t.o.m. 28/5

”När vi börjar arbeta är det tyfonssäsong, det regnar jämt och droppar ner i de hinkar vi ställer ut på golvet. Jag kan inte vara ute så jag börjar jobba med det som finns till hands inomhus. Det är mycket eftersom Yagi samlar på saker till sin antikaffär. Vi måste ändå gå ut ibland, mest till templet och en supermarket för att handla. Jag samlar på mig nya saker, billiga saker från 100 yen store och saker vi får från grannar, butiker och restauranger. Det är origami, leksaker, ätpinnar & godis. Jag hittar saker på marken också, löv och frukter, vulkaniska stenar och ett pappersflygplan vikt av en skolbok.”

Sample Sets är en skildring av en plats från två perspektiv, det främmande och det välbekanta.

Noak Lönn är konstnär verksam i Stockholm. Han arbetar framförallt med fotografi, ofta med en konceptuell utgångspunkt i ett historiskt eller kulturellt fenomen.

Akitaka Kamijo är konstnär verksam i Fujikawaguchiko i Japan. Han har återkommande i sitt arbete tagit rollen som vardagens observatör, både i bekanta och främmande miljöer. Han jobbar i varierande medier med olika nivåer av abstraktion och med formella lekar för att skildra personliga och allmängiltiga perspektiv.


Ann Frössén

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7 – 30 april 2017

Vernissage 7 april kl 17 – 20. Välkomna!

= två konstnärer samarbetar om ett konstverk:

Ari Luostarinen  Mikael Goralski Astrid Sylwan 
Hanna Tingsgård Karin Häll Lise-Lotte Norelius 
Helena Pehrsson Annette Hammarén Eva Kerek 
Annica Åberg Anna Tegeström Wolgers 
Maria Bajt Monica Nilsson Jakob Ojanen 
Erik Berglin Stina Brockman Eva Marklund 
Marja-leena Silanpää Kajsa Breitholtz Jenny Gedda 
Bengt Jahnsson Wennberg Christina Olivecrona 
Lovisa Ivenholt Bergqvist och jag Ann Frössén