Nélanne Racine

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Deeper And Deeper 26/7-3/8

Öppettider Tor- Fred 12-18 Lör-Sön 12-16

Vernnisage Fredagen den 26/7  kl 17-20



NÉLANNE RACINE : « Deeper And Deeper »


Nélanne Racine presents a series of recent installation works and a sound piece designed specifically for the space of ID: I GALLERI. Invitation to a suggestive exploratory dive of forms and mineral contents, various digital prints on linen and on vinyl are swarmed here and there. Over the past winter, the artist has captured views of “natural” landscapes of her region, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (located north of the capital, Quebec). Objective: to testify to the time when the main rivers were exploited to produce electricity (1920), which led to the establishment of aluminum factories. The shots are made with a medium format film camera with defective bellows. What could be translated into documentary photography in a “classical” tradition is here revealed on evanescent textile surfaces.

A “thin blade” is a rock sample that allows knowing the mineralogical constitution of the rocks using microscopes. From these sources of archeological-geological images, Racine works an infographic collage that ultimately takes the form of an ornamental frieze with seamless patterns. Our subsoil, that of the earth’s crust, holds many unfathomable forms that the artist likes to magnify or to divert in an infinite quest.

Finally, through a piece of ceramic (« Device ») is broadcast a sound piece by his colleague Simone D’Ambrosio. The stone, figured or fantasized, is a source of inspiration for the artist who reveals the one that supports us as a fragile foundation, the earth.

A multidisciplinary artist born in Portneuf County (Quebec, Canada), Nélanne Racine holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi in 2014. She has participated in several exhibitions in Chicoutimi, Carleton-sur-Mer and Montreal. Strongly involved in her community, her proposals often involve the participation of the general population or more targeted groups that promote a link between art and life and vice versa. She teaches drawing and sits on the board of the centre d’art actuel Bang. Since 2018, the artist continues his research with the composer Simone D’Ambrosio and the collective Audiotopie, on a project of public art with digital sound sculptures (“Eons”).


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