Johanna Schartau

ID:I Galleri




Johanna Schartau

16.11 – 2.12 2012

Konstnärssamtal onsdag 28 november kl 18.30


Johan, jag, mamma, indianflätor© Johanna Schartau 2012

The 1918 painting titled ”Från Ramsele” by Eric Hallström plays a significant role in the artist Johanna Schartau’s life. As a child, this picture hung in the house where she grew up.

Now many years later, the work no longer belongs to her family, yet she resurrects it from her past and displays it in the space of ID:I galleri as a nostalgic symbol. In parallel, she also presents a selection of photographs which capture moments of her and her brother Johan’s childhood; Hallström’s painting is in the background.

Family history is an important theme in Schartau’s artistic practice and within this exhibition she explores how our heritage and the environment in which we grow and mature affects and shapes our identities. These themes are often examined through scientific research about twins. Schartau creates an installation that is in many ways like an investigation as she presents the viewer with evidence about her life and the images, texts and themes which emerge are important clues for discovering the truth that is hidden amongst the works.

Johanna Schartau will also have a new series of work on display in a group exhibition at Vallentuna’s new Culture House opening on Saturday 17 November.

© Johanna Schartau 2012