Etikettarkiv: Cindy Dumais

AMV(Cindy Dumais, Mathieu Valade andJulien Boily)

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That Unites,

Cindy Dumais, Mathieu Valade andJulien Boily

Vernissage 1 Juni 17-20

Fram till 10Juni

That Unites is an exhibition of the recent works of Julien Boily, Cindy Dumais and Mathieu Valade. This exhibition is part of an exchange between ID: I galleri (Stockholm, SE) and AMV (Chicoutimi, CA).

That Unites presents works celebrating the diversity of artistic approaches: animation, installation, painting, photo and video. In the multiplicity of their methods, each of the artists installs a coherence, a dialogue, which joins the other with a striong plasticity and a retinal seduction.