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Sookyoung Huh

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Rare Moment of Artistic Collusion

It is easy to think of all the things that artists want: attention, fulfillment, money, fame and security.

Seemingly artists want it all ways: to be ‘alone in their work’ and to have their crowning social moments.

Somewhere between these extremes are artistic friendships. These are not simply a matter of knowing other artists but of understanding, interacting and quietly colluding in each other work. I feel I have quietly colluded in Sookyoung’s work and I feel she has colluded in mine. (Of course, she may disagree).

I got to know Sooky after I made a somewhat polemical intervention at an ‘art discussion’ in Nottingham, where we both live. She visited my studio with a friend and was remarkably tolerant of the mess I had generated and the many unfishable works I had begun.

Later on Sooky photographed some of the assemblages and object studies I had made. As she photographed the objects I was aware that this was perhaps the first genuinely artistic collaboration I had experienced. My objects now had a new life as actors or models. The director was not me, it was Sooky. We would discuss the resulting images quickly and decisively, often agreeing but sometimes disagreeing. This kind of practical artistic friendship is a precious thing.

It is unsurprising that the director and cinematographer should start creating her own characters and dramas. The subjects of Sooky’s current photographs are minute and hard to label clusters of stuff – hair, fluff and so forth. This stuff is intensely human, personal and universal but is also marginal.

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Sookyoung Huh


The wall © Sookyoung Huh
The wall © Sookyoung Huh