Ivar Hagren Weronika Bela


Cloud Studies

Ivar Hagren och Weronika Bela


Vernissage tors 5e september, 17-22

Galleri ID:i, Tjärhovsgatan 19


Ivar och Weronika Hagren  presenterar nya verk inom ramen för projektet Cloud Studies

Projektet kretsar kring tre huvudsakliga och överlappande teman:

* Belas farföräldrars liv och arbete på en väderstation i Polen

* Väder, klimat och meteorologins historia

* Fotografins historia (främst inom vetenskap)

Genom att anamma repetition som en konstnärlig strategi anspelar de på upprepningen i Belas farföräldrars arbete på en väderstation i Polen, där de en gång i timmen läste av meteorologiska mätinstrument för att skicka de insamlade värdena vidare till det regionala vädercentrat.


Ida Palojärvi and Hanna Marno


Pale Blur :

Ida Palojärvi and Hanna Marno

10.8 – 18.8.2019

Thu – Fri 12 – 18

Sat – Sun 12 – 16

Opening on 9.8.2019 at 17-20, Warmly Welcome!

Ida Palojärvi & Hanna Marno are part of the artist-run collective of Gallery Oksasenkatu 11 in Helsinki that has been exchanging shows with ID:I galleri since 2017. Exhibited at ID:I galleri are two installations that form a dialogue that alter the viewer’s observation of perception.

Ida Palojärvi

Blur Experiments

In the new work Blur Experiments presented at ID:I Galleri she works with long, almost spearlike objects pointed at the viewer. The objects are arranged in a dark space and lit in a specific way. The work aims to bring forth an experience of non-recognition, where imagined movement and stillness of the objects come together. The objects are suspended in the gallery space, but the viewer finds herself as if unable to focus her gaze on them, unable to recognise their contours or outline clearly as if she was watching the objects in movement.

Ida Palojärvi (b. 1981) graduated from Helsinki’s Academy of Fine Arts as Master of Arts in 2016. She has created works both in solo shows and as part of group exhibitions. Palojärvi’s works are installations built in a given space. They often blur, shift or tilt the focus of the everyday vision of the viewer.

Hanna Marno

Descending, Ascending

What’s left is the inviting, soothing- yet deterring and alarming odour of some sort of a cleaner lingering in the air.  Inside are undefined and uncertain objects that are placed inside the gallery as if the space was installed according to the previous artists fixture on the wall.

The objects’ materials are: repurposed found white plastic items, paint, soap, “live” candle light led and plastic icebergs on/under shelves.

An artwork is still submitting to be an object that fills its’ cubicle space in the atmosphere.

In a topsy-turvy world art would be immaterial and the experience would be material.

Each created object takes part in this discussion.     

The work process behind the installation at ID:I galleri is a combination of meticulous and haphazard sculpting between the exhibition space and the studio. Some of the work is ready only when the microwave goes ding.

Hanna Marno (b. 1981 in Helsinki) is an artist who lives and works in the countryside of Lohja in Finland.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki and Pittsburgh Filmmakers. She works mostly with narrative site-specific work, still-lives in landscape and installation art that suggest the viewer to re-determine their surroundings.

Thank You :


Nélanne Racine



Deeper And Deeper 26/7-3/8

Öppettider Tor- Fred 12-18 Lör-Sön 12-16

Vernnisage Fredagen den 26/7  kl 17-20



NÉLANNE RACINE : « Deeper And Deeper »

Nélanne Racine presents a series of recent installation works and a sound piece designed specifically for the space of ID: I GALLERI. Invitation to a suggestive exploratory dive of forms and mineral contents, various digital prints on linen and on vinyl are swarmed here and there. Over the past winter, the artist has captured views of “natural” landscapes of her region, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean (located north of the capital, Quebec). Objective: to testify to the time when the main rivers were exploited to produce electricity (1920), which led to the establishment of aluminum factories. The shots are made with a medium format film camera with defective bellows. What could be translated into documentary photography in a “classical” tradition is here revealed on evanescent textile surfaces.

A “thin blade” is a rock sample that allows knowing the mineralogical constitution of the rocks using microscopes. From these sources of archeological-geological images, Racine works an infographic collage that ultimately takes the form of an ornamental frieze with seamless patterns. Our subsoil, that of the earth’s crust, holds many unfathomable forms that the artist likes to magnify or to divert in an infinite quest.

Finally, through a piece of ceramic (« Device ») is broadcast a sound piece by his colleague Simone D’Ambrosio. The stone, figured or fantasized, is a source of inspiration for the artist who reveals the one that supports us as a fragile foundation, the earth.

A multidisciplinary artist born in Portneuf County (Quebec, Canada), Nélanne Racine holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi in 2014. She has participated in several exhibitions in Chicoutimi, Carleton-sur-Mer and Montreal. Strongly involved in her community, her proposals often involve the participation of the general population or more targeted groups that promote a link between art and life and vice versa. She teaches drawing and sits on the board of the centre d’art actuel Bang. Since 2018, the artist continues his research with the composer Simone D’Ambrosio and the collective Audiotopie, on a project of public art with digital sound sculptures (“Eons”).


Hösten 2019

  • 23.8-8.9 Daniel Westlund
  • 13.9-6.10 Åsa A-Broms
  • 11.10- 20.10 Christian Rieloff
  • 25/10-27/10-Performance festival( Marzedes stum-lie)
  • 8.11-17.11 Henrik Brandt
  • 22.11-8.12 Albin Karlsson
  • 13.12- jultid Karin Willen

Hillside Projects och Jonas Holmer



Hillside Projects och Jonas Holmer

Is This the End?

12 april – 5 maj 2019

Vernissage fredag 12 april 17-20


tors-fre 12-18, lör-sön 12-16

stängt långfredagen

öppet 13-15 påskafton & påskdagen

Kulturnatten 27 april, öppet 18-24

Föreläsning med Timo Menke 2 maj, 18-19


Is This the End? är en utställning med Hillside Projects (Emily Berry Mennerdahl & Jonas Böttern) och Jonas Holmer. Manade av samtida händelser i och omkring naturen, används performativa och poetiska metoder för att tala om de levande och olevande, hopp och hopplöshet, ljus och mörker. I en mörkblå rymd visas video, ljud och en bok samt arrangerade kvällar med läsningar och musikaliska åkallelser.

I Jonas Holmers Korrespondenser (film med ljud, 12 min) förskjuts blicken genom obefolkade naturlandskap, skogar och öde stränder. Skymningen blir snart till natt och även om vi inte längre kan se himlen kan vi fortfarande höra vågorna från havet.

Hillside Projects presenterar Again and Again We Ask These Questions (artist book och video med ljud, 7 min). Tillsammans utgör boken och videon ett manifest till utdöda och hotade arter,  jordlingar och livsmiljöer. Ett homage till berättelserna om gångna, samtida och potentiella ”endlings”. Who or what belongs where? Who decides who or what belongs? Who should be saved?

Mörk materia, en förläsningskväll med Timo Menke, torsdag 2 maj kl 18

Mörk materia (ca 45 min) framförs som en flerstämmig uppläsning av fragment om fotografiska, fotosyntetiska och biosyntetiska processer och symboliska symbioser mellan (mer-än)-mänskliga patienter, agenter och arter. Här berörs föreställningar om mörkret och materiens yttersta gräns, t ex Augustinermunken Gregor Mendels ärtor, medeltida bladansikten, Tree men syndrome, punktskrift, tårpunkten i ögat och “punctum” hos Roland Barthes, mörka material, liksom odlingar i ett bergrum och på månens baksida.

Kulturnatt Stockholm 2019, lördag 27 april kl 18-24

En helkväll på ID:I Galleri. Kvällen till ära är en hyllning till allt och alla; levande och olevande, i hopp och hopplöshet. Med performance, audiovisuella upplevelser och musik reser vi tillsammans mot slutet.

Again and Again We Ask These Questions
En performativ och musikalisk åkallelse till alla endlings av Hillside Projects med Jonas Holmer.

Syntetiska regnskogsljud serverade med harmonier av Dolphins in Heaven (live).

En resa mot slutet
Mångud tar er med på en audiovisuell tripp (live).

Gabriella Carlsson Merzedes Sturm-Lie

Gabriella Carlsson

Merzedes Sturm-Lie

Kort intensivt gästspel med utställning och performancekväll på IDI Galleri 5-7 April, Vi öppnar fredagen den 5 april kl 17-20 med en utställning av Gabriella Carlsson   och avslutar med en performance med Merzedes Sturm-Lie söndagen  7 April kl 20


Gabriella Carlsson

The play and disruption of an object in relation to the human body and cultural conventions are the backbones of my practice.

This way of handling objects is inspired by the way objects are used in subcultures.

Here the disruption speaks both about the outsider of the society and the belonging to another group. You can reinvent yourself and take control over the objects by interpreting them in a different way. From the perspective of the outsider, the hidden codes generate power and strengthen identities.

Outsiders of any group may be considered weak by the rest of the group (society) while rebels seem strong and are celebrated. Interesting movements to refer to are: punk rock, Dada, Situationist International and crossovers like Andy Warhol and the Velvet Underground.

Merzedes Sturm-Lie

will perform and read parts from the booklet ’13151424 1215225 9131315182011292025’ (published 2015). The booklet is inspired by writings of Slovenian poet and dadaist Srečko Kosovel and relates to processes of transformation, inverted realities, coding, investigating histories, death and dreams.