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Ann Frössén


7 – 30 april 2017

Vernissage 7 april kl 17 – 20. Välkomna!

= två konstnärer samarbetar om ett konstverk:

Ari Luostarinen  Mikael Goralski Astrid Sylwan 
Hanna Tingsgård Karin Häll Lise-Lotte Norelius 
Helena Pehrsson Annette Hammarén Eva Kerek 
Annica Åberg Anna Tegeström Wolgers 
Maria Bajt Monica Nilsson Jakob Ojanen 
Erik Berglin Stina Brockman Eva Marklund 
Marja-leena Silanpää Kajsa Breitholtz Jenny Gedda 
Bengt Jahnsson Wennberg Christina Olivecrona 
Lovisa Ivenholt Bergqvist och jag Ann Frössén



Sian Bonnell Maria Hedlund

home’ truth’


an indisputable fact or basic truth, esp. one whose accuracy may cause discomfort

The opening will be on 15th December from 4 to 8PM.

Sian Bonnell & Maria Hedlund uses the moment of self-awareness nowhere else but in their own homes, where they spend the most time. In their works, the domesticity explored as spaces are presented as an uncompromising approach from a private space that regards to one’s root of comfort as the primary field of shaping one’s identity. The viewer can feel voyeuristic and a deeply uncanny resemblance however it is characterised by a carefully staged, surrealistic tableaux.

The interspace connection spin throughout the photographs shows the artists’ interaction with their home and household to find their identity as well as being in isolation – not only relishing the humor of everyday objects but also becoming frightened by its moment of familiarity.

Sookyoung Huh